Sunday, December 09, 2012

4 years on December 17th

I am not sure who will mark the occassion of the passing of Joe Coburn on December 17th, 2008.  But I for one am taking time to remember him today.  This is Michael his oldest son with a few comments thoughts and links.  I just approved a bunch of old comments that were on the blog waiting for approval.  Many were for little blue pills or casino gambling online, but a few were meaningful including one from a guy who had come into possession of the one and only "Soundtracks, Take One" album.  He found the blog after googling them and expressed interest in wanting a copy.  My sister Cassie recently posted some clips on Youtube:

So now we have preserved some memories of Joe Coburn my dad as we approach the 4th anniversary of his death.  Since it is the Christmas season, here is a version of Oh Holy Night that my brother Kevin and Dad did a year before he died.

On a happy note, my mother, Mary Anne Coburn-Cope, that's right she is remarried to Ron Cope and the two of the are very happy.  They both lost their spouses and lived in the same neighborhood and now they have each other.

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